Insurance Agent


One of the most rewarding Zyada Income option is to become Insurance Agent. It is one of the most lucrative part time job or work options available to an individual. Like any other business, success or failure depends upon how you approach the business.

Insurance penetration is still relatively low in India compared to western countries. Given the rise in income levels and uncertainty in job and life and no social security cover, Life Insurance Business is poised to grow manifold in India. The sector has been brought notoriety by some agent who mis-sell or not give good advice to the customers, however if approached with professionalism, the return are attractive in the long run.

Some of the advantages are:

  1. Master of your own time. You can chose and decide to put as many hours you want
  2. Leverage your contacts. This is the easiest way to start your business. All of us want insurance. Can you help sell the best policy suited to ones need
  3. No fancy office. You don’t need a fancy office or take a rented property. You can work from home
  4. Zero Investment. You don’t have to invest any money to become an insurance agent
  5. Training and Support. All the big insurance companies provide regular training and support to maximise your potential. Training seminar ranges from sales to personality development.
  6. Rewards and Recognition. For all the star achievers there are rewards and recognition at both national and international level.
  7. Second Income Stream. This is a good way to earn zyada income and enhance your lifestyle by either working full time or part time


Please check the credentials of any company before enrolling with them. User discretion is advised.


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