Business Leaders in Society (BLIS)

BLIS is a unique programme aimed at transforming individuals to become Business Leaders in Society.

BLIS is a unique networking and a holistic development programme aimed at transforming individuals to become Business Leaders in Society.
BLIS Program is based on our age old philosophy that we are all unique and have unlimited energy to achieve our full potential. Our network is our biggest strength and if we all feel connected with one another, we can together achieve the impossible.
BLIS aims to rekindle the spirit and re-energise you to achieve material success and also focus holistically on mind, body and soul. BLIS will expose you to a variety and ever growing avenues of livelihood and income generation.

BLIS is based on two pillars of unconditional giving and living in harmony with your true self.

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BLIS program gives you the following benefit

  • We are living in a very dynamic world and the ever changing nature of business and work environment are forcing business to align their supply and distribution channels.
  • Fewer jobs and uncertainty in business environment are forcing individuals to supplement their incomes.
  • The stress of work environment, coupled with uncertainty is causing havoc in the lives of millions of people across the globe.
  • On one hand, there are fewer jobs and job losses and uncertainty, on the other hand, income opportunities are increasing, which many people are not aware of.
  • It is also important to realise that all of us, cannot be good at everything and we should all try and take up activities or areas of work, which are in line with our basic nature.
  • BLIS aims to combine the inner and outer elements to bring about transformation in the lives of people.

As Member

  • Opportunity to build and grow your network using offline and online tools
  • Tap into the vast network of direct and indirect professionals and entrepreneurs
  • Personality development modules for effective communication, presentation skills and interpersonal communication
  • Holistic guidance to achieve harmony between body, mind and soul
  • Exposure to ever growing business and income opportunities
  • Leadership training program
  • Books, journal, newsletter and other social media tools for effective engagement.

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  • Very low investment required
  • No requirement of space*
  • Opportunity to grow, meet people and help them achieve their dreams
  • Minimal recurring cost, no big overheads, advertising or inventory keeping
  • Build a cash / income line in perpetuity*
  • Invest in a business that allows you to build a passive income stream for you
  • Be the change agent in the society and experience BLISS
  • Full support of social media marketing, training modules and promotional material

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