Franchising is a form of business by which the owner of the business (franchisor) of a product or a service obtains distribution or selling rights through authorised dealers (franchisee) Some of the benefits of Franchising

  1. Build your own business around a proven, established business model of the Franchisor
  2. Effective utilisation of your space and investment, providing health returns
  3. With the established processes and digitisation, you earn zyada income or second income by part time engagement
  4. Grow on the back of product and the sector.


However please do keep in mind the following things before entering the franchise


  1. Research extensively on the Franchises. Better to go with Franchise with an excellent track record.
  2. Personally visit the stores a few Franchisees and experience their product and services.
  3. Do your own analysis whether the same product or service will have any market in your vicinity.
  4. Get full details on training, tools and support provided by them.
  5. Get a full understanding of costs and margins that you will have to share with the Franchisor and the hidden costs if any.


Please check the credentials of any company offering Franchise before enrolling with them. User discretion is advised.


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