E-commerce has spurned a new generation of entrepreneur who are now selling only through e-commerce platforms. The platform owners have invested heavily in technology making it a seemingly simple process to buy and sell online.

The advent of broadband and internet penetration has further fueled the growth of e-commerce.

Apart from the marketplace models of Amazon, Flipkart and Ebay, there are other sites which operate in a niche marketplace and may offer better visibility to new entrants. Almost every vertical or a business line has its own dedicated marketplace or aggragators.

Some of the advantages of selling online are:

  1. Keep limited inventory
  2. Payment cycle is fast
  3. No need to rent a shop
  4. No overheads
  5. Can monitor sales and understand consumer behaviour.


However there are some Challenges as well:


  1. Overcrowding in almost all categories
  2. Visibility of the products are a problems
  3. Returns can dent your profit margins and bring negative publicity


Please check the credentials of any company / person before enrolling with them. User discretion is advised.


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